Rescue Lines – Winter 2014/15 – VB EMS Makes Strides in 2014

EMS2014The Virginia Beach Department of EMS is extremely proud of its 809 active volunteers (*1,206, including non-active and those on medical/personal leave) and the 34,923 calls answered between January and October, 2014. In addition to those staggering numbers, they are pleased to report some other milestone achievements this year.


Through a grant application process, the Department of EMS secured $57,000 in funding from the Virginia Office of EMS to replace its electronic medical records hardware. The program used by Virginia Beach is considered to be top-notch, frequently attracting the attention of other agencies throughout the state and country.


In partnership with the Virginia Beach Fire Department, the Department of EMS has implemented a hydrogen cyanide poisoning antidote program for victims of smoke inhalation. Oftentimes, what severely harms victims of smoke inhalation is the hydrogen cyanide that binds to the hemoglobin. The Cyanokit program includes a medicine that inactivates the hydrogen cyanide and removes it from the body.

Full BLS Accreditation

The Virginia Department of Health has recognized the Department of EMS Training Center as the first and only local government-based basic life support (BLS) training program to receive full accreditation through 2018. The decision was based upon an extensive review of the self-study document, the visiting team’s report and the institution’s responses. The process culminated in a comprehensive review of the program and included volunteer rescue squads, volunteer students, staff and faculty.