Rescue Lines – Spring 2016 – BLS Academy #10

EMTGradsCongratulations to the following graduates of BLS Academy #10, who were recognized in a ceremony at the training center on Jan. 19, 2016.

Front row: Vicki Zimmerman, Analiza Ziegler, Mary Casey, Victoria Easter, Stephanie Powell, Cody Puffe, Sekoyah McGlorin and Jennifer Ramsland

Middle row: Jeff Curvan, Alyson Shellhammer, Todd Haggard, Preston McDaniel, Catherine Mobley, Jonathan Mortimer, Joe Parrish and Instruction Supervisor Lani de Forest

Back Row: Chief Bruce Edwards, Stephen Suruga, Charlie Gaskin, Anthony Vasquez, John Cole, Christopher Mack, Daniel O’Leary, Andrew Rabideau and Instruction Supervisor April Aschesinski

Absent from Photo: Allison Gordon and Justin Simonitsch

(Special thanks to photographer John Malkowski)