October 2023 | Rescue Lines Newsletter


The mission of the VBRSF is to support an independent and vital emergency medical care and transport system – one of the largest in the country that relies predominately on well trained, skilled, and dedicated volunteers.

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DECEMBER 2, 2023

For more information, visit Holiday Boat Parade – Be a part of the Magic!

Virginia Beach Holiday Boat Parade of Lights

2023 News & Events

September 16-17, 2023

NAS Oceana Air Show

VB Rescue participated in NAS Oceana Air Show this year. Thanks to everyone for coming out to help promote VB Rescue! Can’t wait for next year!


September 29 – October 1, 2023

Neptune Festival

Go, VB Rescue!

Our fabulous members were hard at work promoting VB Rescue at Neptune Festival. Rain nor wind shall keep us away from spreading the word to join the best Volunteer-based EMS system!


New Volunteer EMTs

Valerie Vagts Receives Heart Pin

Our amazing member, Valerie, AEMT, received a heart pin for helping to save a life. Valerie responded to an active cardiac arrest patient and assisted with providing lifesaving care!

Bobby Hill ~ 50+ Years of Service

Bobby was recognized at the most recent EMT Academy graduation for his 50+ years of service. Bobby joined VB Rescue in 1968 and has volunteered in many different capacities, focusing on recruitment.

Thank you, Bobby, for your Service!

New Volunteers EMTs

Chesapeake Beach
Dayna Beck
Devan Oliver

Dylan McCuiston
Cole Powers
Brian Reed
Rebecca Pawloski
Kenric Scarbrough
Zachary Smith

Lauren Tessarolo

Virginia Beach
Madeline Bennett
Caroline Gilman
Christine Ehrenzeller
Steven Bobbit

Princess Anne Courthouse
Sarah Chapin

Ocean Park
Elian Alcantara
Piper Bay
Kelsey Storms
Moises Hernandez

Academy Graduates

La Hoz Alcantara Almonte
Piper Bay
Dayna Beck
Zackery Cantrell
Patricia Crumrine
Pearl Chambers
Landon Crooks
William Hacskaylo
Zachary Knight
Julian Means

Ria Gowanda
Natalie Habich
Moises Hernandez
Kevin Hirschfeld
Tanaya Jones
Miranda Lentz
Devin Meekins
Paige Speller
Bruce Mullin
Yao Hua “Raymond” Lin

Johnee Parker
Joshua Reyes
Meg Urban
Marisa Vogt
Shane Wiley
Veeda Tabibi
Burcu Ulgu
Chidozie Okafo
James Westleigh

Congratulations to our October Member Spotlight

Kristof Siska

Kristof Siska

Marine Rescue