Rescue Lines – Fall 2016 – EMS Graduations: June 11

bls class 11Congratulations to the following graduates of BLS Academies #11 and #12, who were recognized in a ceremony at the training center on June 7, 2016.






Academy #11
Kyle Bailey
Donald Bresnahan
David Cook
Michelle Crapps
Karen Dewberry
Samantha Ford
Jonathan Krimsier
Ritvika Malik
Chargenia McCloe
Ryan Pewterbaugh
Hunter Pulwers
Ioana Rimbu
Alana Sampson
Ingunn Selvag
Elaina Sherman
Victoria Wright

Academy #12
Charles Boyd
Zachary Cartwright
Michael Dempich
Toni Dolinar
Judy Haynes
Casey Leibold
Jamin Mesecher
Aaron Montgomery
Kelly Nguyen
Richard Nguyen
James Pitts
Cutter Romano
John Singleton IV
David Taporco
Andrew Thompson, Jr.
Christianna Tottossy
Chandler Wells