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Partners for Life

Virginia Beach is proud of the people who devote as many four 12-hour shifts a month to respond to medical emergencies. Others provide administrative assistance to the ten squads. They are all Partners for Life, giving of their time and skills to assure that residents of Virginia Beach, as well as the millions of visitors who come to the City each year, are cared for in case of injury or illness, and if necessary, are transported, at no charge, to a local hospital for further treatment.

The Virginia Beach Rescue Squad Foundation realizes that the volunteers are part of a large response system that also includes firefighters, police officers, career EMT’s and others trained to bring comfort and care, quickly and professionally.

Together with generous corporate and individual donors, government leaders and others who recognize the value of volunteer service, Virginia Beach is blessed with a community of Partners for Life.

Become A Partner for Life yourself, and let us share your story.

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