2022 Grant Applications are now closed.

Applications for 2023 grants will open in July.

The 2022 Grant Application has been closed.

Please join us in July for the 2023 Grant Cycle.

The Foundation’s Grant Program Focuses On Providing The City’s Volunteer Rescue Squad Entities With A Fiscal Alternative To Improve Their Overall Operational Capabilities.

Congratulations To The 2022 Grant Recipients!

The Virginia Beach Rescue Squad Foundation is pleased to announce 2022 grant awards totaling $117,117 to the following entities within the Volunteer Rescue Squads of Virginia Beach:

  • Ocean Park Volunteer Rescue Squad: $32,986 to be applied toward the purchase of a Type 1 Ambulance. This, along with a city loan for another truck brings their fleet up to 4 ambulances newer than 2017.
  • Davis Corner Volunteer Rescue Squad: $5,581 to be applied toward the purchase of a Pedimate Plus, Scoop Stretcher, batteries for Stryker Power Cots,  mattresses for the power cots and an O2 cylinder lift.
  • Chesapeake Beach Volunteer Rescue Squad: $36,000 to be applied toward the purchase of a replacement Powerload stretcher and a third LUCAS device.
  • Princess Anne Courthouse Volunteer Rescue Squad: $24,000 to be applied toward miscellaneous operational and PPE equipment
  • Plaza Volunteer Rescue Squad: $8,000 to be applied toward the purchase of a computer/monitor Replacement and jump bag replacement
  • Marine Rescue Team: $10,550 to be applied toward the purchase of a new inflatable rescue boat for flood and high water response, new computer hardware and software for two duty rooms, and training costs.

Previously Awarded Grants

Below are some examples of previously awarded grants from the Virginia Beach Rescue Squad Foundation.

ALS Attack Pack

large kits that provide storage and easy access to virtually all EMS supplies.

LUCAS Devices

The LUCAS device is an easy-to-use mechanical chest compression device that helps lifesaving teams around the world deliver high-quality, guidelines-consistent chest compressions to sudden cardiac arrest patients; in the field, on the move and in the hospital.

Stair Chairs

Ideal for use in restaurants, airplanes or narrow hallways, the Junkin’s Stair Chair can help evacuate patients from any scenario.

Browelow™ Set

The Broselow™ system is a color-coded system that helps provide quick and accurate medication dosing by utilizing length to categorize pediatric patients using color zones. The system also offers immediate access to crucial pre-sized emergency equipment. It includes seven specific modules, manual resuscitation equipment and a medication dosage guide.

Video Laryngoscopes

Video laryngoscopes are an excellent solution for difficult airways. Compared to direct laryngoscopy, video laryngoscopy offers improved glottic visualization, requires less force, and offers a better chance of success.

Combi Stretchers

The CombiCarrierII functions as a scoop-type stretcher minimizing patient movement with no logrolling required and, also, serves as an improved extrication board during vehicle extrication situations. The concave patient surface limits lateral movement of the victim providing more secure stabilization.

Powerload Systems

To Include Ambulance Modification To Accommodate It

Our powered cot fastener system helps boost safety by supporting the cot throughout loading and unloading. The reduction in spinal load helps prevent cumulative trauma injuries.

  • Communicates wirelessly with Power-PRO cots
  • Eliminates the need to steer the cot into and out of the ambulance
  • Helps minimize patient drops by supporting the cot until the wheels are on the ground
  • Meets dynamic crash test standards for maximized occupant safety
  • Features an easy-to-use manual back-up system

Other Funding Went To:

  • Outfit a new ambulance
  • Enhance recruitment/retention efforts of individual squad
  • Provide Hi-Visibility Rain Jackets, Vests and Pants
  • purchase Equipment for Community CPR Program
  • Purchase Lifepacs
  • Purchase Stretchers
  • Purchase Backboards
  • Purchase an Ambulance (portion of)
  • Purchase IT Equipment (computers, laptops, printers)
  • Provide CO2 Monitors and Test Kits
  • Purchase Raymarine Axiom chart plotter
  • Purchase Drysuits
  • Install an Oxygen Fill Station