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Grants & Scholarships


The Foundation’s grant program focuses on providing the City’s volunteer rescue squad entities with a fiscal alternative to improve their overall operational capabilities.

2018 Grants totaling $100,704 were awarded to the following organizations:
  • Creeds Volunteer Fire & Rescue Squad: $24,000 to purchase a Stryker Power Load System
  • Council of Virginia Beach Volunteer Rescue Squads, Inc. (Rescue Council): $2,800 to be used toward the purchase of portable CO monitors for all ambulance jump bags
  • Davis Corner Volunteer Rescue Squad: $2,959 to update a pre-owned stretcher to work with the power load system
  • Plaza Volunteer Rescue Squad: $19,000 to be applied toward the purchase of a power lift stretcher
  • Princess Anne Courthouse Volunteer Rescue Squad: $24,000 toward the purchase of a power load system
  • Sandbridge Volunteer Rescue Squad: $22,000 to be applied toward the purchase of a power load system
  • Virginia Beach Volunteer Water Rescue Team, Inc. (Marine Rescue): $5,945 to be used toward the purchase of a thermal imager with the remaining funds to be applied toward water rescue operations and certifications


The Langhorne & Pulley Memorial Scholarship is a joint partnership of the Virginia Beach Volunteer Rescue Squad and the Virginia Beach Rescue Squad Foundation. This fund was created in 2008 to assist eligible volunteer rescue squad members with the costs of their own college/higher education or those of their immediate family members. The scholarship is open to any active operational or administrative member of the Virginia Beach volunteer rescue squad system (and their dependents) with at least four (4) years of service and meets the other eligibility requirements.

Congratulations to the following 2018 Langhorne & Pulley Memorial Scholarship recipients:

  • Maya Begovic
  • Jackson Kirschner
  • Rebecca Long
  • Tyler Paul Retel
  • Sidney Roeder
  • Andrew Rosenblum
  • Jordan Sibley
  • Anne Svejda
  • Cole Tydings
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