Our Mission, Vision, & Values


To support an independent and vital Virginia Beach volunteer rescue system.

Our Vision

  • We continue to strongly support both in resources and leadership the Virginia Beach volunteer EMS system ensuring a quality citywide system of continuing volunteer rescue services.
  • We are fiscally sound with growing assets that contribute to fulfilling our mission in support of a robust and highly skilled volunteer-based EMS system.
  • We have grown our donor base through specific board/executive director interactions.
  • We have maintained and encouraged the long term sustainability of the City’s volunteer-based EMS system through our advocacy and strong community connections.
  • We are recognized leaders in the volunteer EMS community because of our longstanding open commitment to its values and strengths proven by ongoing financial and program support.
  • We continue to support and encourage the growth of EMS volunteers within the City of Virginia Beach.
  • We have expanded VBRSF resources/programs offered to the Virginia Beach volunteer rescue squads in particular grant opportunities for all rescue squad entities within the City.
  • We have established new levels of communication both within the Virginia Beach volunteer rescue system and throughout the state through personal and media connections.
  • We have significantly raised local community awareness of the Virginia Beach volunteer-based EMS system – its value, strengths and uniqueness via marketing and public relations campaigns.
  • We continue to be committed to the Virginia Beach Volunteer Rescue Squad both in leadership and resource support and in the asset management of its restricted funds held by VBRSF.

Our Values

  • Support the Virginia Beach volunteer rescue system to ensure a quality citywide system of continuing volunteer rescue services.
  • Advocate for and support the continued delivery of FREE pre-hospital emergency care within the City of Virginia Beach.
  • Operate with fiscal integrity and professionalism.
  • Support the efforts of the volunteer rescue system to build safety awareness through continuing community education.
  • Support Virginia Beach Volunteer Rescue Squad in its delivery of quality rescue services.
© 2021 Virginia Beach Rescue Squad Foundation

Rescue Station 17 – Sandbridge
305 Sandbridge Road
PO Box 6113
Virginia Beach, Va. 23456
(757) 385-2917

Rescue Station 6 – Creeds
595 Princess Anne Road
Virginia Beach, Va. 23457
(757) 385-7306
VBEMS.com – Creeds

Rescue Station 8 – Virginia Beach
1243 Bayne Drive
Virginia Beach., Va. 23454
(757) 437-4830

Rescue Station 14 – Virginia Beach
740 Virginia Beach Boulevard
Virginia Beach, Va. 23451
(757) 437-4830

Rescue Station 16 – Plaza
3610 South Plaza Trail
Virginia Beach, Va. 23452
(757) 385-2684

Rescue Station 9 – Kempsville
5145 Ruritan Court
Virginia Beach, Va. 23462
(757) 340-KVRS

Virginia Beach EMS Headquarters And Training Center
4160 Virginia Beach Blvd.
Virginia Beach, Va. 23452
(757) 385-1999

Rescue Station 2 – Davis Corner
4672 Haygood Road
Virginia Beach, Va. 23455
(757) 460-7574

Rescue Station 4 – Chesapeake Beach
2211 Greenwell Road
Virginia Beach, Va. 23455
(757) 385-7304

Rescue Station 1 – Ocean Park
3769 Shore Drive
PO Box 5545
Virginia Beach, Va. 23455
(757) 464-0594