Our Founder: B.M. Stanton

In 1982, B.M. Stanton, a concerned and dedicated citizen of Virginia Beach, saw an immediate need to support the volunteer efforts of the Virginia Beach Rescue Squad. In an effort to raise awareness and support for this endeavor, he combined his business savvy and profound appreciation for the Virginia Beach Rescue Squad to form what would become known as the Virginia Beach Rescue Squad Foundation.


The Virginia Beach Rescue Squad Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization operated by a board of directors. 


The Foundation’s Board of Directors oversees more than $16 million in assets. These funds have been raised from the generosity of individual gifts and bequests, and through the dedicated efforts of local Foundation volunteers. The Foundation’s largest donations include contributions from the estate of:
  • E.V. Williams
  • Mary Wells
  • Arthur J. Lillenfield
  • B.M. Stanton

Support of entire rescue system

The Foundation’s commitment extends to the entire volunteer rescue system of Virginia Beach, as exemplified by its financial support of system-wide marketing and public relations campaigns, as well as advocacy and recruitment efforts. Key projects that the Foundation currently funds or has funded include:

Grants To Squads

Volunteer Recruitment & Retention

Public Awareness

Professional Development


© 2021 Virginia Beach Rescue Squad Foundation

Rescue Station 17 – Sandbridge
305 Sandbridge Road
PO Box 6113
Virginia Beach, Va. 23456
(757) 385-2917

Rescue Station 6 – Creeds
595 Princess Anne Road
Virginia Beach, Va. 23457
(757) 385-7306
VBEMS.com – Creeds

Rescue Station 8 – Virginia Beach
1243 Bayne Drive
Virginia Beach., Va. 23454
(757) 437-4830

Rescue Station 14 – Virginia Beach
740 Virginia Beach Boulevard
Virginia Beach, Va. 23451
(757) 437-4830

Rescue Station 16 – Plaza
3610 South Plaza Trail
Virginia Beach, Va. 23452
(757) 385-2684

Rescue Station 9 – Kempsville
5145 Ruritan Court
Virginia Beach, Va. 23462
(757) 340-KVRS

Virginia Beach EMS Headquarters And Training Center
4160 Virginia Beach Blvd.
Virginia Beach, Va. 23452
(757) 385-1999

Rescue Station 2 – Davis Corner
4672 Haygood Road
Virginia Beach, Va. 23455
(757) 460-7574

Rescue Station 4 – Chesapeake Beach
2211 Greenwell Road
Virginia Beach, Va. 23455
(757) 385-7304

Rescue Station 1 – Ocean Park
3769 Shore Drive
PO Box 5545
Virginia Beach, Va. 23455
(757) 464-0594